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Shahrad Joins Houshang Touzie's "The Silver Poet" Play

Shahrad recently joined the talented cast of The Silver Poet. Shahrad plays three roles in this very interesting, yet dramatic play. He plays the roles of Dr. Kamangir, Farrokhzad's father, and an Agent.

This play has been received very well by the critics, and is a popular choice among the theater lovers. The Silver Poet has already been performed more than twenty times. And it is scheduled to go back on tour in the year of 2022.

The Visionary "Houshang Touzie"

The play is written by Houshang Touzie, a Persian director, writer and actor. He is known for his breathtaking performances, as well as his unique style of writing and directing. This play is based on Fereydoun Farrokhzad's life; in specific his last days in the US and Germany.

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