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Shahrad was born in the ancient land of Persia, Iran in 1984. He finished his diploma in Physics and Mathematics with an average of 98/100, making him stand among the very top pupils in the city of Tehran. Soon after, he moved to Kazakhstan on his own at the age of 17. After a year of Russian studies, he migrated to England where he studied Biomedical Engineering. Shahrad explored his passion for music as a DJ in eight cities around the UK while he was finishing his Engineering degree. 


After six years of living in the UK he decided that he needed a new venture and he moved to Toronto, Canada. He continued in his field of study pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Physics, researching Ultrasound and its diagnostic / therapeutic capabilities for neurosurgery as well as cancer therapy. After three successful years of studies, earning five awards in the national/international conferences he decided to submit his work as MSc in order to pursue his passion and love for music and film.





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Shahrad started studying classical singing and theater, where he fell in love with the Italian Opera. His extensive training with some of the better-known Maestros in the field has perfected his talents as a great Opera singer, who also likes to step outside of the Opera and Classical genres and create his own music. 


He has been lucky to work with Maestro Daniel Eby, who is very well known in the world of Italian and English Opera in Canada. He has also worked with the greatest orchestra conductors, such as Maestro Nowshad, and Maestro Heidari, whom have aided him to reach his musical goals.


Shahrad’s artistic endeavors have also extended into the film and videography industries, and he finds that the knowledge of these supplementary arts have helped him nurture his musical creations by visualizing their effects through images and motion. 

In 2013, Shahrad started working on his first album, in which he included two of the most famous opera pieces; Amor ti Vieta and 'O Sole Mio which are among the top pieces in the classical and opera world. The rest of the album is written by him and produced by the great music producer R. Moghaddas. This album was finalized in 2015 and was named Melody, also a name of a song in the album, demonstrating Shahrad's love to sing and share music.


Shahrad has performed in a number of events in Toronto as well as starring in the challenging role of "The Harbinger", in the "365 DAYS" play (written and directed by G. Yazdani) that drew a lot of attention from the media and was a seven night sold out show in May of 2015.


Shahrad moved once again, and this time to Los Angeles, California to study film and pursue acting / directing more seriously.

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After two years of studies Shahrad graduated from the Acting and Directing program from UCLA. He finished making his first film in Los Angeles in the fall of 2017. This film is called "Hollow Me", which was received very well by the national and international film festivals.


Shahrad has worked on three more scripts since then that he hopes to work on over the next few years.  He is also finalizing the development of his FF (Fredotti Funds) project, to help new and upcoming filmmakers and musicians jump start their careers.


Shahrad has also written and worked on a few new songs, his latest track, "Mad Man" will be released in 2019, a song he has written in the genre of Rock, a very different piece of art!

Shahrad is also an avid sports fan. He trained and practiced Kung Fu and Boxing for a number of years when he was only ten, he soon learned about his passion for soccer (football) and realized his talents in being a great goalkeeper. His semi-pro playing days were unfortunately very short lived due to a serious sciatic nerve injury at the age of 19.


After a long recovery, he returned to the soccer field when he turned 30, he now coaches soccer part time. He keeps a routine and fit lifestyle by practicing Boxing, CrossFit and going to the Gym five to six times a week.


Shahrad is also a big fan of photography, he takes long road trips when he can to explore nature and capture some of this experience with his camera. He has also been a part-time model for more than ten years.

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for all commercial and print bookings please contact Marlyn Klarrmond

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